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Switching from smoking to vaping? A guide to quitting tobacco using e-cigarettes.

To help those looking to cut down or quit completely, here are some tips on how to move away from standard tobacco cigarettes by switching to vaping.

When you decide to quit, stick to it

When deciding to quit cigarettes and start vaping, it’s important to start off the right way.

Throw away any old packets of tobacco cigarettes, and use your e-cigarette as your only nicotine source. Using cigarettes with an e-cig is not recommended, and can make it much harder to quit successfully.

Get the right device for you

E-cigarette devices come in a variety of different sizes and styles, from small simple pen devices to bigger and more powerful mod devices. So it all depends on your own personal preference and what you want out of your device.

For many smokers, simplicity and ease of use are the way to go. And so they might benefit from our Evolve Range. However, smaller devices do need to be refilled and recharged more often.

Others may find that a little bigger device with more power is right for them. Therefore we recommend the Pro Range. A range of devices that are a little bit bigger in size, can hold more liquid, and offer more power or functionality, but are still simple enough to use.

Then you get ex-smokers entering the vaping world with the urge to experience it to the max. Those vapers we call the experts or the “enthusiasts”. For those we recommend the Expert Range, with a selection of powerful devices to offer the best performance you would want out of your device.

Understanding nicotine strengths in your e-liquid

E-cigarettes are not the same as nicotine replacements, which are available at your local pharmacy, but slowly reducing the amount of nicotine in e-liquid may help smokers to quit over time. Not to mention, having some great flavours to go with it, that might make your transition to vaping even easier!

It is important to understand the different strengths of e-liquid:

3mg – 6mg (low) – up to 10 cigarettes a day
6mg – 12mg (medium) – up to 20 Cigarettes a day
12mg – 18mg (high) – up to 30 cigarettes a day
18mg – 24mg (very high) – up to 60 cigarettes a day

Using the wrong strength of e-liquid can induce a nicotine overdose, symptoms of which are nausea, headaches, insomnia, and many other side effects. Alternatively, using a nicotine strength that’s too low might not satisfy nicotine cravings.

Try to start with an e-liquid with similar strength to your current smoking habits, then reduce over time.

Make the switch to zero

E-cigarettes have been shown to increase the chances of success when compared to quitting without any additional nicotine replacement products. You can reduce your intake of nicotine by switching to lower-strength e-liquids over time, and eventually move to zero.

Try buying a set of zero nicotine strength e-liquids and keep them alongside your regular refill bottles. Once you are ready to quit completely, they will be there to help you make a smooth transition, as they can have the same flavour and feel of an e-liquid with nicotine.


Some reasons why you should switch to vaping:

Vapers Report Major Health Improvements 

One study found that 91% of smokers had significant health improvements after changing to vaping. In fact, 97% managed to reduce or eliminate chronic coughing just by vaping instead of smoking.

Science Proves Vaping is Safer

The research is very clear that vaping can reduce your risk of tobacco-related death. In fact, a study at Boston University concluded that vaping is much safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Smokers are twice as likely to suffer heart attacks and they face increased risks for strokes and coronary heart disease. Research shows that smoking can actually damage the lining of your arteries, reduce the amount of oxygen in your blood, and force your heart to work harder just to maintain normal function.

In a study pioneered by Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos, researchers recruited a group of smokers and offered them the chance to switch to vaping. By the end of the study, those who had completely switched to vaping or reduced their tobacco consumption by both smoking and vaping experienced major changes to their heart health.

After switching completely to vaping, there was an average decline in systolic blood pressure of 16.3 mm Hg. Those who were dual users (both vaping and smoking) also lowered their blood pressure by an average of 10.8 mm Hg.

Researchers found that those who quit smoking and vaping completely had no further decrease in their blood pressure than those who ditched cigarettes and substituted with vaping. Ultimately, just by trading tobacco cigarettes for vaping devices, participants were able to continue the experience of smoking while experiencing dramatic benefits to their cardiovascular health.

This just shows that vaping is, in fact, a better alternative to smoking and it allows tobacco users a reasonable way to successfully stop smoking and improve their health dramatically.


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