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If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to contact us. Just fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively you can go have a look at our FAQ’s.


Everyone is different and requires a different device. The majority of new vapers start with a device off the EVOLVE range (like the ICARE MINI) and they’re happy with their setup or upgrade in future. It’s definitely better to start small, see if you enjoy the idea of vaping and upgrade if it’s something for you.

You can expect your 18650 to last around approx 300 charges, provided that the battery is cared for properly.

If you follow instructions and use safe hardware (like regulated devices) you’re completely safe. 18650 batteries (like any other batteries) shouldn’t be carried around loose in pocket with metal objects because they can cause shorts which can be dangerous. We recommend battery travel case, sleeve or simply keep batteries inside your device. All recorded cases of “vape mod exploding” are actually cases of loose batteries due to the incorrect batteries used or people trying certain “DIY” applications beyond a device’s intended use and never the actual device exploding.

Most commonly users get confused by the system of turning the device on and off by multiple clicks of the firing button. Otherwise, it is generally because the coil has passed its life span and isn’t working to the capacity that it should be. Another common problem is over-tightening; which can cause the firing pin to be pushed down and requires re setting.

Some tanks need to be unscrewed from the device, then after flipping it upside down you can unscrew the base and pour e-liquid into the tank compartment, avoiding the middle pipe/chimney. Some tanks have a top part which can be unscrewed (known as top-fill tanks) and you simply pour it from the top. Some tanks introduced “side-fill” where you can slide the sleeve off a little and it reveals a side filling port. Check the instruction manual provided with your tank if you’re not sure or visit any EVOLUTION VAPE STORE. Even if hardware wasn’t bought from us we are more than happy to help you with any problems.

Coils have a finite lifetime, based on a number of factors: power, liquid type, and intensity of use. You will know to replace the coil as they impart a distinct ‘burnt toast’ flavour once they die or a leak from the mouthpiece and airflow holes, as the liquid entering the coil does not atomise as quick as it’s drawn in, because of the diminished efficiency of the coil Typically this will take around 3-4 weeks for ‘pen’ type coils, or between 5-14 days for sub-ohm types.

Some vape mods have user-replaceable 18650 batteries that are as easy to replace as remote batteries. Units with battery cells sealed in need to be replaced when you notice performance drop – usually around between 6-12 months of regular usage. An 18650 battery will last around 300 charges again depending on battery care.

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CBD is an essential product. In order to purchase vape hardware or coils you must buy Evo Juice with CBD.
No other CBD products qualify for the purchase of these items other than Evo Juice with CBD.

IE: gel capsules can not be used in a vape devices but CBD vape juice can

Due to the increased demand since the Presidents Announcement and with only 30% of our warehouse and logistics teams allowed to work under the current Lockdown restrictions, orders may take between 2-3 working days.

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